Designing for lasting value.

Designing a better future begins with an investment in humanity, seeing past the limitations of personal bias and self benefit, and committing to the ideals of a shared approach to problem solving.
Hello, and welcome. I am Marcus Pape. My passion for solving challenging problems and delivering meaningful experiences has shaped a diverse career spanning product, marketing, and brand. Today, I leverage learnings from this experience to build scalable products and programs, while empowering global teams to deliver purpose-driven solutions back to the world.

Solving challenging problems in creative & innovative ways.

Imagine finding a partner who’s a skilled cross-functional designer, has a deep understanding of the customer, leverages design thinking to tackle challenging problems, uses data to gain insights and drive results, and can build and lead a team of engaged and motivated people. As an experienced director of design, growth and people that is what I have to offer.

  • Research & Testing
  • Design Thinking
  • Business Strategy
  • Visual & UX Design
  • Product Innovation
  • Recruiting & Hiring
  • Team Leadership
  • Brand Systems
  • Scaled Solutions
  • Creative Operations


Scaling engagement.

Defining a global brand system for Amazon’s Prime Video service, making every brand moment more engaging and meaningful for customers.


Delivering a seamless experience.

Optimizing the cross-platform customer experience for the world's most comprehensive video streaming service.


Making content king again.

Delivering on the promise of a better video watching experience with Amazon's next-generation living room UI for Fire TV.


Rejoice for a cordless world.

Helping Amazon Video take cord-cutting efforts one step forward by delivering customers their favorite premium channels.


Redefining your coins.

Providing Coinstar customers a more engaging and delightful coin-counting experience with endless options.

Helping companies and brands realize their full potential.

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