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Seattle-based Design Director & Creative Visionary

Creative leader and design veteran, Marcus Pape has spent the last 17 years defining products and building brands. He is passionate about inspiring and leading creative teams, delivering exceptional customer experiences, and pushing the boundaries of design and technology. With a proven ability to combine strategic thinking, concept development and product design, Marcus currently leads design for Acquisition & Engagement at Amazon Video. Past clients include AT&T, Bose, Canon, Coinstar, Disney, EA Games, Google, LG, Mattel, Microsoft, Nikon, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, T-Mobile and Toshiba.

Extensive Experience

Creative Direction

Effective creative direction is about seeing the forest and the trees; making well-informed decisions amongst tough choices. It's where art direction and design intersect with business strategy.

User Experience

User experience is a complex discipline, but the desired result is fairly simple; delight users by exceeding their expectations. Give customers what they want, when they need it, plus a little more.

Interaction Design

Interaction design is the creation of useful and usable experiences. It's being grounded by a deep understanding of the user, and finding balance between business goals and technology.

Ecommerce Solutions

Ecommerce is the promise of a better shopping experience for the customer; whenever and wherever they are. Discoverability is key; making options more manageable and accessible.

Product Innovation

Developing innovative products and taking them to market is about recognizing key insights, generating ideas, testing solutions, analyzing business, and launching with confidence.

Creative Optimization

Creative optimization provides more efficient campaign experiences by leveraging consumer behavior data to get the right creative in front of the right customer at the right time.

Global Leadership

Building a global team is about identifying an opportunity, finding the right environment to grow, and inspiring a team of talented individuals to deliver at a global scale.

Brand Management

Effective brand management is ensuring products are powerfully placed to connect with customers and drive sales. Navigating internal and external challenges toward a common vision of the future.

Kind Words from Colleagues & Clients

“Smart, smart, smart— that’s Marcus. He’s a smart thinker, with an active creative mind. He champions and delivers smart user centric design wrapped around innovative ideas that have consumers leaning in and engaging—with off the chart results.”

David RossCoinstar / Redbox

“Marcus commands the prefect mix of amazing creative talent, technical know-how, and exceptional communication. During his time at Coinstar, he successfully led the way for our on-line evolution—designing and launching numerous web, UI, and interactive efforts.”

Paul KiddCoinstar / Redbox

“Marcus was not only a strong brand advocate and creative visionary, but also a dedicated team leader and effective collaborator. He recruited exceptional design talent and made his whole department better as a result of his high energy and innovative thinking.”

Joshua ClarkCore Innovation

“I have to say that Marcus was one of the best managers/mentors I’ve ever had and have him to thank for helping me in becoming the designer I am today. While I hope that our career paths line up again, I consider myself lucky to have had the experiences in working with Marcus.”

Ryan MurphyCore Innovation

“Marcus, is a very talented designer with a great eye for detail as well as a unique sense of creativity. He can visualize a final project even before starting it. His creativity combined with his strong knowledge of today’s programs and technologies make him a deadly designer.”

Luca ManfrediCore Innovation

“Marcus has always been willing and able to push the boundaries of web design to make each project stand out. I…am consistently impressed with the high quality of design and vision he brings to each project and his ability to share that vision with his co-workers so effectively.”

Michael AkersIT Consultant

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