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Build with Culture


A strong, vibrant company culture creates incredible opportunity and drives exponential growth for today’s global organizations.

Culture functions as a core differentiator and competitive advantage, attracts world-class talent, helps create alignment and operational focus, and drives workforce performance.

But when it comes to creating a positive workplace culture, like most things in life, words don’t matter nearly as much as actions.

Real culture comes from a company that engages with employees and develops teams in ways that reinforce organizational values and establish common purpose.

This does not happen through abstract concepts or ideals, but instead through basic leadership actions—an ongoing investment in specific, everyday moments to create a culture where employees not only contribute but continue to develop and thrive.

Leadership culture-building program.

What would the job world look like if companies put the needs of their employees above their bottom line? And leaders positioned coaching and development of their people above their own career advancement?

The world is full of big ideas and innovative product solutions. But, ideas don’t get anywhere on their own. It takes a unified vision and coordinated effort to bring them to life. This is where leadership plays such a critical role—empowering a community of coordinated individuals to drive ideas forward and deliver on the promise of timeliness, quality, and impact.


A staggering majority of employees today, approximately 85% around the world, are not engaged or actively disengaged at work.

Source: Gallup Report

And just over half of employees in the U.S. are currently looking at new jobs or watching for openings.

Source: Gallup Report


But, 94% of employees say they’d stay longer if a company invested in their ongoing career development.

Building a positive company culture, with engaged and motivated employees, does not happen overnight. It requires a daily commitment from leadership to take the necessary actions that build community and create a positive workplace environment.

By investing in employees and approaching leadership from a place of integrity and heart, we can change workplace culture from one of collecting paychecks to a culture of meaning and purpose. One where companies invest in building culture and delivering value for internal customers (employees) on a day-over-day basis.


Building strong, effective teams takes time, focused effort, and a lot of integrity. Choose and develop people in ways that reinforce your company's purpose and culture.


The strength of a team is not measured by size, but their ability to communicate. There is no room for assumption. Initiate confident action through clear communication.


Having a clear understanding of what works and why will instill conviction and optimize team workflow. Create visibility around performance in order deliver greater team impact.


A powerful team is the result of empowered people working toward a common purpose. Share ownership and your team will find a way to succeed regardless of the challenges ahead.


Treat your employees as resources, and they’ll do only what’s needed to get the job done but little more. Embrace them as unique, vital contributors to the community and they will breakdown barriers and surpass expectations.

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Build with Integrity & Heart

Building strong, effective teams takes time, focused effort, and a lot of integrity. As a team builder, I start with a solid foundation—one based on core principles and common values—and move forward from a point of mutual trust & respect.

Culture begins with Community

True culture requires a unified sense of community rallied around a common purpose. Through simple everyday leadership actions, I strive to inform and empower teams to align on a common path, to be traveled together.

Communication builds Confidence

Real team strength is not measured by size, but rather the ability to communicate. As a leader, I encourage clear, candid communication across teams in order to create clarity and drive action in the face of adversity.

Insights deliver true Impact

Data helps identify opportunities and drive confident, consistent decision making. As a student of experimentation, I look to for opportunities to leverage data and insights on a daily basis in order to deliver greater impact.

Culture begins with community.